MOTAS centrifugally casted dredge pipes: the best of both worlds

IJmuiden, The Netherlands –  The sand & gravel industry has made clients call for extreme wear resistant dredge system components. MOTAS Dredging Solutions has recently supplied several centrifugally casted bimetal dredge pipes for such customers’ needs.

Bimetal dredge pipes combine the best of two worlds: the ease of weldability with extreme wear resistance. The bimetal pipes outer sides are mild steel castings that can simply be welded upon, while the inner sides, that are in contact with the dredged slurry, are casted in a high alloyed white cast iron having a typical hardness of up to 60 HRC, ensuring longest possible wear life stand time.


  • Casted quality
  • Weldable mild steel
  • 50– 60 HRC hardness
  • white cast iron wear resistance

Customer support

For these and other wear resist solutions for e.g. sand & gravel hopper dredgers, cutter dredgers or other installations our experienced staff  can help you make the best  choices for your project and advise on improvements.

Contact us via telephone: +31 85 13 00 795 or e-mail: today.

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Bimetal pipe section


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