MOTAS Coupling Systems

From a single component to a complete dredger, MOTAS offers a wide range of products and services for the dredge industry.

MOTAS Coupling Systems is a dedicated product group within MOTAS Dredging Solutions. The product group is specialized in the development, production, and supply of all types of coupling systems for the dredging industry.

We like to share a selection of couplings we recently delivered to dredge companies worldwide.

Fig. 1 Bowmax bowcoupling ball joint 

Fig. 2 Clampmax hydraulic dredge ball joint 
Fig. 3 Maximus dredge ball joint 
Fig. 4 Maximus dredge ball joint 
Fig. 5 Maximus dredge ball joint 
Fig. 6 Straightmax dredge coupling 
Fig. 7 Turnmax tilting dredge turning gland

Spud Tilting System

Spud Tilting System for a Cutter Suction Dredger currently under construction. A good example of our engineered products which we design and build. The dredger has a total installed power of 7 MW. The spuds have a diameter of 1200 mm and a length of approximately 33 m.

Construction and launching of 2 splithopper barges for HUTA

This movie shows the construction and launching of two split hopper barges for the Huta Group. The vessels were constructed at the MOTAS Global Marine facilities in the United Arabic Emirates and were succesfully launched last month.