IJmuiden, The Netherlands – MOTAS Dredging Solutions is nearing completion of the delivery of an engineering and components package for a 2.000m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger.

The delivery is a result  of a contract awarded by NEPTUNE Marine, also located in The Netherlands.

We are proud with this continued cooperation with NEPTUNE Marine, for more then 50 years Neptune Marine is known for their reliable, flexible and high-quality maritime solutions.

The end user of the new TSHD is PD Ports who are the Statutory Harbour Authority for the Port of Teesport and Hartlepool, a Major UK port; member of the UK Major ports group 9UKMP

Supply of our parts to the shipbuilding yard of Neptune Marine is nearing completion. The TSHD is built for PD Ports in the UK and scheduled for commissioning and delivery in the course of 2024.

MOTAS Dredging Solutions provides a comprehensive package for a TSHD Dredging Installation. This package includes everything from initial concept design and engineering to system integration, fabrication, quality control, and delivery to the shipyard. We also offer assistance during the installation process and can help with the commissioning of the dredge equipment.

In addtion to the design and engineering, this TSHD package includes the supply of the following components:

  • Complete suction pipe
  • Draghead
  • Sliding piece
  • Suction pipe gantries
  • Winches and wires
  • Dredge pump
  • Dredge pump gearbox
  • Overflow
  • Complete dredge pipe above deck and  in hull
  • Dredging gate valves
  • Swell compensator system.
Figure: Gantry sections

Seeking assistance?

Whether it’s selecting the right equipment or optimising your project, our team is here to assist you with all dredging related matters Contact us via telephone: +31 85 13 00 795 or e-mail us at: info@motas.group


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Figure: Dredge pipe sections
Figure: Dredge gate valves


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