MOTAS Dredging Solutions will design, build, supply and commission an equipment package for a Water Injection Dredger (WID) for Malaysia.

The Water Injection Dredger will be built in Malaysia by JICORE Group Incorporated (M) Sdn Bhd. for the Penang Port Authority.

The custom design of the equipment package has already started and will be done inhouse by our engineers in The Netherlands in close co-operation with the JICORE team.

“It is an honour to work together with JICORE and to build this first WID for Malaysia” says Mr. Loh Meng Seng, MOTAS Business Development Representative (South East Asia). The sea trials of this WID will take place early next year, after which the WID will be handed over to the Penang Port.

Production of key equipment is underway and will be done by one of MOTAS’s long term international fabrication partners. Equipment will be installed on the dredger under MOTAS’s supervision.   

MOTAS will deliver among others the complete jet-arm with adjustable nozzle beam equipped replaceable nozzles, the gantry, sheave blocks, the swell compensator, the winch, the jetwater pump sets with the Cummings diesel engines, the main hydraulic power pack, Class approved butterfly valves.

Main details of the equipment:

  • Dredging depth – 18.5 [m]
  • Length jet arm – approx. 27 [m]
  • Water flow – 2x 3500  [m3/hr]
  • Number of pumps – 2
  • Pump power – approx. 2x 375 [kW]
  • High efficiency pump – Yes
  • Nozzle beam – Adjustable
  • Swell compensator – Yes


  • Water Injection Dredger (WID)
  • Dredge Equipment
  • Fabrication
  • Engineering and design
  • Jet arms
  • Jet beams
  • Jetwater pumps
  • Jetwater nozzles
  • Swell compensator
  • Hoisting gantry
  • Hydraulic installation
Fig. 3 – Jet arm lowered onto seabed.